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Voice Pedals

Voice Pedals
Studio-Quality Vocal Stompbox for Large Group-Sound EffectsCRITICAL MASSThere’s nothing like having a large and enthusiastic audience singing along with you. CRITICAL MASS puts that magic right at your feet in an easy to use stompbox.Sing Along StyleWhether you’re pounding out arena rock-style anthe..
DITTO Mic Looper
Easy to Use Two-Button Looper Pedal for Vocals and Acoustic InstrumentsInstant Layered MasterpiecesDITTO MIC LOOPER lets you go from idea to performance with ease in a flash. One knob, two buttons – it couldn’t be simpler! With its superior audio quality, unlimited overdubs and Undo/Redo, DITTO MIC ..
Ultra-Simple Vocal Effects Stompbox with Doubling, Reverb and Pitch CorrectionDUPLICATORDouble tracking has been a staple in studio recording since, well… forever! It adds punch and excitement in all the right places – fattening up recordings like nothing else can. Not only is DUPLICATOR a fantastic..
Battery-Powered Vocal Effects Stompbox with Guitar-Controlled Harmony, Reverb and ToneHARMONY SINGER 2HARMONY SINGER 2 lets you supercharge your vocal performance with either one or two harmony singers instantaneously! Conveniently packaged in an easy-to-use stompbox format, HARMONY SINGER 2 provide..
Ultra-Simple Battery-Powered Vocal Effects Stompbox with Reverb, Echo and Pitch CorrectionMIC MECHANIC 2In the studio, top-shelf effects processors enhance your voice, providing the depth, warmth and nuance that makes you the undeniable star of the show. But top-shelf gear comes with a hefty price t..
3-Button Vocal and Acoustic Guitar Effects Stompbox with BodyRez and LoopingThe Natural CompanionPlay Acoustic combines all the things you need to make a live acoustic performance shine: lavish vocal sounds, perfect backing harmonies, best-selling guitar effects, and unique processing that makes you..
Unrivaled Vocal and Guitar Effects Performance Floor Pedal with Backing Tracks, Looping, Automation and Audio RecordingAbsolute Performance PowerVOICELIVE 3 EXTREME sets you free to focus solely on your performance with groundbreaking FX automation and backing track playback. Awe-inspiring vocal eff..
3-Button Vocal Effects Stompbox with LoopingA Produced Vocal Tone - AnywhereProducers spend more time on perfecting vocals than any other instrument; the number of layered vocal tracks on a studio recording often run well into the double-digits. VOICELIVE PLAY makes this studio magic available to ev..
Simple 1-Button Stompbox for Flexible Pitch CorrectionWatch VOICETONE C1 at WorkSinger-songwriter Christine Havrilla adds intrigue to her song with some HardTune at 1:00 & renowned vocal coach Brett Manning shows off some of the wild possibilities of C1.New Vocal TerritoryVOI..
Single-Button Stompbox for Realistic Vocal Doubling EffectsStudio Sounds Hit the StageThe overdubbing of unison vocals is a classic studio technique to create a fuller sound. Now, you can take this technology to the stage with distinct styles you can mix to perfectly suit your song. VOICETONE D1 thi..
Single-Button Stompbox for Compelling Vocal Echo EffectsEnter the Echo UniverseVOICETONE E1 offers singers the signature echo and slapback effects that evoke classic songs, while putting effects control at their feet. High quality, immersive echo effects for the stage are no longer just for guitaris..
Single-Button Stompbox for Realistic Guitar Controlled Vocal HarmonyWatch VOICETONE H1 at WorkThe incredibly gifted Andy Allo uses the H1 on her cover of the Arctic Monkeys’ “Do I Wanna Know.” Then, Craig Fraser shows how H1 works its magic in tandem with the VoiceTone T1 and R1 ..
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