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Retro Spring Reverb with Adjustable Dwell, Mix and Tone for Sparkling Reverb SoundDRIP SPRING REVERBThe single best way to give your dry guitar distinctive character and depth is to spice it up with a good spring reverb. An homage to one of music’s most recognizable reverb effects, DRIP SPRING REVER..
Vintage-Style Delay Pedal with All-Analog Bucket-Brigade CircuitECHOBRAIN ANALOG DELAYSporting a classic, all-analog, bucket-brigade design, ECHOBRAIN ANALOG DELAY is the ultimate and affordable choice for vintage effects aficionados. ECHOBRAIN ANALOG DELAY puts all the warm vintage echoes and gorge..
Legendary Delay Pedal with Groundbreaking MASH Footswitch, Crystal Delay Effect and Built-In TonePrint TechnologyFLASHBACK 2 DELAYFLASHBACK 2 DELAY packs our entire delay legacy into a single compact and affordable stompbox that's designed for now – and the future. Our groundbreaking MASH technology..
FLASHBACK 2 Mini Delay
Legendary Ultra-Compact Delay Pedal with MASH Footswitch and New Tape and Analog AlgorithmsFLASHBACK 2 MINI DELAYOld school saturated tape echoes, warm, gritty analog delays, crispy clean digital repeats and everything in between.Sounds like a lot of gear to haul around, right?Wrong!Containing all o..
Flagship Delay Pedal Expanded with 3 MASH Switches, New Crystal, Analog and Tape Delays and 6 Delay PresetsFLASHBACK 2 X4 DELAYAwesome delays are part of our DNA here at TC Electronic. It’s something we take very seriously. So, when it comes to making flagship delay pedals, you know we’re swinging f..
Shimmering Reverb Pedal with Intuitive 4-Knob Interface for Modern, Ethereal Reverb SoundsFLUORESCENCE SHIMMER REVERBFLUORESCENCE SHIMMER REVERB is one of those effects you simply must add to your bag of tricks. Originally pioneered by recording legends Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, shimmer reverb is..
Super-Saturated Tape Echo Pedal with Mod Switch, Delay, Sustain and Volume ControlsGAUSS TAPE ECHOFew delay effects are more revered, or iconic, than the tape echo machines of yesteryear. Their warm, fat tones have become the stuff of legends, but they can be hard to find, are pretty temperamental a..
HALL OF FAME 2 Mini Reverb
Iconic Ultra-Compact Reverb Pedal with Groundbreaking MASH Footswitch and New Shimmer Reverb AlgorithmHALL OF FAME 2 MINI REVERBThe first HOF Mini was an instant hit. To this day, so much tone in such a small and simple package is a rare thing.HALL OF FAME 2 MINI REVERB picks up where its predecesso..
Iconic Reverb Pedal with Groundbreaking MASH Footswitch and Shimmer EffectThe original HALL OF FAME REVERB delivered some of the most-iconic reverb sounds of all time, but HALL OF FAME 2 REVERB extends that legacy of innovation dramatically. Essentially, HALL OF FAME 2 REVERB’s incredible MASH techn..
Studio Quality Reverb with Award-Winning TC Electronic AlgorithmsSKYSURFER REVERBThanks to three awesome onboard, studio-grade reverb algorithms, the ultra-tasty SKYSURFER REVERB is the premium – yet affordable answer to your reverb dreams and prayers. With SKYSURFER REVERB: you can skim effortlessl..
THE PROPHET Digital Delay
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Studio Quality Digital Delay with Award-Winning TC Electronic AlgorithmTHE PROPHET DIGITAL DELAYA prophecy once foretold of a highly-affordable, studio-quality delay pedal that could give musicians all the pristine digital delay tones they would ever want, from short reverberating slapbacks to long,..
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