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DITTO Looper
Highly Intuitive Looper Pedal with 5 Minutes of Looping Time, Analog-Dry-Through and True BypassEssentially EssentialDITTO LOOPER is the looper you will try once and love for life – and you’ve gotta try it. We’ve built onto all that is good about the best loopers, trimmed all the nonessential, mood-..
DITTO Mic Looper
Easy to Use Two-Button Looper Pedal for Vocals and Acoustic InstrumentsInstant Layered MasterpiecesDITTO MIC LOOPER lets you go from idea to performance with ease in a flash. One knob, two buttons – it couldn’t be simpler! With its superior audio quality, unlimited overdubs and Undo/Redo, DITTO MIC ..
Highly Intuitive Looper Pedal with Stereo I/O and Loop Import/ExportA Wider Loop PerspectiveThe most intuitive and amazing looper known to musickind is back. Packing a wealth of cool creative features that’ll see you jam along with the cream of the crop in music today via the innovative StarJam feat..
DITTO X4 Looper
Simple and Intuitive Dual-Track Guitar Looper Pedal with Powerful Loop EffectsThe Spectacular NowDITTO X4 LOOPER is the pedal that’ll let you turn a single moment in time into something truly spectacular. By perfectly merging ease of use with stellar creative features like dual loop tracks, 7 loop F..
DITTO+ Looper
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Next Generation 60-Minute Multi-session Looper PedalDITTO+ LOOPERThe original DITTO LOOPER carved out a unique space in the world of guitar pedals. By distilling the very essence of looping into a tiny, high quality stompbox with an extremely intuitive interface it continues to define the ..
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